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Untapped heath was created by Justin Odell (LMP,CNP,CPT) in 2016. The goal for this business has always been to provide proper healthcare to the clients, using all medical knowledge and tools available. Justin has worked as a therapist in one of the top-rated spas in the world, where he helped create specific high level Muscle Therapy treatments.  Untapped Health has voted the best Massage Therapy clinic of Eastern Idaho. We focus on helping the client by working with their body, first with natural medical treatments, before medication and or surgery if conditions require. We view and understand the medical world as everything has its place and time to be used.

The treatments and services that are offered at Untapped Health are, Medical services, Muscle Therapy, Functional Fitness Training, and Nutrition Counseling along with the associated products. 

We have dedicated many years of study on the function, performance, and optimal health of the human body. We specialize in Neuromuscular Therapy, Medical, sports, and pre/post-natal Massages, along with Advanced Personal Training and Nutrition counseling, to achieve proper healing and wellness. We love to help people improve their health in any way we can, through the skills and services we offer. “Our Health is what allows us to live a life we want”. Being able to help those recovering from injury or preventing injury, helping high school students with sports for college, helping women handle and recover with their pregnancies, and even just relaxing to get rid of stress, we are excited and ready to serve those in need. We use cupping, warm and cold stones, Gua-Sha/Scraping, taping, healing creams/ oils, and advanced massage treatments and techniques, as optional add-ons to give you the best Muscle Therapy experience possible. 

“Now is the time to focus and refocus on how to properly treat and work with the human body with what we have available to us!”

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